About Me

My Neme FeLLycia
My Friend caLL me FeLLy,FeFe,etc
My Fam caLL me MeMe.(Juz it…=p)
PLaygroup at PaLembang –> Dunt ‘now d name…wkwkwkwkwk…=p
Present  1993 attendent 1994
KinderGarden at TK Taman Rini  Surabaya
Present 1994 attendent 1996
ES at SDK KaLam Kudus Surabaya
Present 1996 attendet 2002
JHS at SLTPK AngeLus Custos 1 Surabaya
Present 2002 attendent 2005
SHS at SMAK SteLLa Maris Surabaya
Present 2005 attendent 2008
Now,Im at PsikoLogi Ubaya University
Present 2008 attendent 20..

Im just an ordinary girL..
Im very Like PooH coz he’s very cute,chuby,and siLLy.
I have any coLLection abaout PooH..(Just onLy PooH not other Like PigLet,etc..;p)
coLLect property w/Pink coLour,Jay Chow CD,coLLect Many DVD,Have Many doLL xoO much.
Im very Luv My Fam xoO much.
I Have a Gank,named is ChiCrew.
Like shooping n sLeep..(is d best of My Life)
I Have a Pet..The first I have a oLd dog is Ochi,He’s 6years oLd.
I have other Pet too..That’s My Hamz”..now I have 4 Hamz..
Like aLL Food w/ taste vaniLa miLk


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